Training & Education


We have a wealth of understanding when it comes to providing our clients with high quality and cost effective services. Our local offices are made up of staff including Occupational Therapists,  Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists, Rehabilitation Counsellors and Employment Consultants. We are passionate about providing quality and outcome focused health services which promote, ensure and sustain the health benefits of work.

Our Training & Education services - provided by Interact Injury Management (IIM) include:


Workplace-Based Training

Manual Handling and Injury Prevention

  • Correct manual handling is crucial for back protection and care and ensuring that manual tasks are undertaken safely and without risk of injury.  Interact Injury Management can provide training to assist employees develop correct manual handling techniques, and gain  knowledge of risk assessments, back care plus personal health and well-being. This training is competency based and includes an assessment of each participants manual handling skills. Our manual handling programs are tailored to the individual workplace and include a strong emphasis on practical tasks that the workers are required to perform in order to improve transference of techniques into daily work practices.

Fatigue Management

  • Fatigue is a high risk factor of injury at work.  Our fatigue management training programs are tailored to the organisation to identify the causes and consequences of fatigue at the individual worksite, and includes development of strategies on how to prevent fatigue at an individual and organisational level. Staff are trained to identify signs and symptoms of fatigue and on actions they can undertake if they notice fatigue in other workers to prevent injury and loss of efficiency.


Bullying & Harassment

We understand the significance of bullying and harassment in the workplace and how this can result in psychological injury and significant cost to all concerned.  Interact Injury Management can:

  • Develop bullying and harassment training according to the employers needs. Topics covered can include: What is and isn’t bullying, ways to address bullying, what to do if bullying happens to you, organisational policies regarding bullying and harassment,  and education regarding the organisations workplace procedures to ensure a consistent approach to resolving bullying at work.

  • Consultation can also be provided to organisations to develop workplace policies and procedures to prevent and address bullying at work. Consultation would include identifying risk factors, assisting writing workplace policies and procedures and providing training in the workplace regarding policies and procedures to staff.


Stress & Anxiety Management

  • Reduction of high stress and anxiety levels in the workplace can create a positive environment which helps increase productivity. Stress and anxiety management training can be tailored to the workplace. Topics can include: recognising warning signs of high stress levels at work, understanding the stress response, tips to reduce stress through taking care of self, seeking support, prioritising and organising work load and breaking time wasting habits.