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Workplace Injury Prevention

We have a wealth of understanding when it comes to providing our clients with high quality and cost effective services. Our local offices are made up of staff including Occupational Therapists,  Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Psychologists, Rehabilitation Counsellors and Employment Consultants. We are passionate about providing quality and outcome focused health services which promote, ensure and sustain the health benefits of work.

Our Injury Prevention services - provided by Interact Injury Management (IIM) are conducted by qualified occupational therapists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists, and include:


Pre-employment Assessments

Interact can assess your employment candidates to ensure they are physically and or psychologically matched to the job they are applying for.  This involves assessment of the specific physical/psychological demands of the role incorporating medical, drug and alcohol, hearing, and vision assessment where required. Pre-employment assessments identify any risks to the health and safety of the employment candidate in performing the job.


Job Demands Analysis

Understanding the physical and psychological demands of tasks performed by your employees can help you make successful recruitment decisions, assist with understanding the safety risks in your workplace and assist identify your staff safety training needs.  A job demands analysis involves a workplace-based assessment of the physical/psychological demands of a particular role.


Duties Registers

Interact can assess the tasks performed at your workplace to assist develop a database or register of duties.  A duties register can minimise the cost of any workers compensation claim by assisting you to return injured workers to work as soon as possible by having seamless opportunity to return an injured worker to meaningful tasks.


Risk Assessments

Assessing worksites for risk to injury is a key injury prevention strategy. Risk assessments involve a detailed assessment of areas of concern for including allocating priority ratings to assist with planning for risk treatment strategies. Recommendations are provided to address any concerns.


Work Design & Job Evaluation

Evaluating a job can assist to improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees.  This involves the assessment of work processes and environments, including providing advice on improvements to ergonomics, pacing, work flows or other intervention as needed.


Rehabilitation Counselling

Supporting your workers at work whilst they experience health conditions promotes a positive and supportive culture for your workforce.  Rehabilitation Counselling, by a qualified Rehabilitation Counsellor or Psychologist, can assisting the worker to improve their productivity at work through the use of techniques including (but not limited to) adjustment to disability counselling and motivational counselling.


Workplace Practices & Policy review

Interact Injury Management can provide advice for employers aiming to improve workplace health and safety or can assist to develop strategies to promote a healthy and safe workplace culture.  We will work closely with you to understand the nature of your workplace, your staff and your business.  We can then identify the key features that can help promote health and safety and assist to develop tailored strategies for you to implement, or for us to assist you implement.  This might include workplace training, health education and promotion within your workplace, employee development programs, health initiatives and health and safety communication programs.